The Development Process.

We make development a collaborative experience, so you can get exactly what you need as efficiently as possible.

Phase 1

During the discovery phase, we work together to uncover all the goals and needs for your business, and develop a custom strategy for your website, product, branding, or marketing. After the initial meetings we will provide a detailed proposal, at which point you can decide if we are the right fit for you.

Phase 2

During the design phase, we create wireframes using the content and requirements outlined in Phase 1. From here, we test and validate, request your feedback, and work towards a final high fidelity prototype—at which point you can get a feel for your website or product to-be, and give the final okay.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is where your product finally comes to life. Our developers work to create a pixel-perfect recreation of the prototype, and make final tweaks to the design. Once content is added and the product passes extensive QA testing, we move onto launch.

Phase 4

Time to get excited! Phase 4 is when we finally launch your product to the public. If you have chosen to work with us for your marketing strategy, we will be putting all feet forward to make the biggest splash possible. Otherwise, we will provide you and your team any training or documentation you may need to keep your product up to date and looking slick.

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